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Colton 8 and 4 weight for sale. Lightly used!

agm984agm984 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
Up for sale are two separate setups. First is a Colton Tradewinds XS. 8 weight 9 foot four piece fast action rod. Sells new for 335. Just shipped in for warranty service after I shut it in the tailgate, so whoever buys this rod is getting a brand new rod. Paired with a Terrapin 789 reel that is spooled with Royal wulf Bermuda Triangle taper (included).
Second rod is a slipstream XS 9 foot four piece fast. It has the crg3 567 reel. I up lined this rod so it has a 5 wt Royal wulf Bermuda taper.
The 8 wt setup retails for 635 and another 100 invested in the line and backing. The 4 wt retails for 425 and another 100 in the line, that's a grand total of 1260. I'm willing to part with these separately but will not split the rod/reel set. 535.00 for the 8 wt and 325.00 for the 4 wt. if you want both I can take another 25 off so 835.00 for both.
If you aren't familiar with the company Colton, they are a small company out of Pennsylvania. Bob Filger is the owner and very personable. It's rare today that when you call to place an order or ask how to swap left to right hand retrieve that you talk to the owner of the company let alone have a conversation just bull****ting about fishing for 30 minutes. Great customer service, fast warranty coverage and lifetime at that. No fault warranties like I said I snapped my rod in the tailgate and he sent me a new one. Both rods come with hard sided rod tube and the reels have a black neoprene cover. Both have original boxes as well.
Now, why am I selling? Well I'm moving to Japan so I am not going to be able to bring all my fly gear so I'm parting with these two. If you have questions let me know. Unfortunately I am not in North Carolina right now so I don't have pictures but if you are interested their website is www.coltonfly.com pm me and I will send you pictures when I get home. (Thursday) these will be great either as a backup stick or as a gift to someone that is getting into the sport.


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