Short Report YC Mutton Marathon 9/17 - 20

The first day started off overcast with squalls and rain so we stayed in pretty shallow. Later in the day it cleared up and we moved to deeper water. I think we fished everything from 80' to 220'. There were plenty of King fish around and all the yellow tails you wanted. Some of the yellow tails were a pretty nice size too. Some spots were covered up with AJs and/or sharks. I saw a few legal red grouper and one big Warsaw ( I didn't hear the weight). One or two spots produced a few nice yellow eye snapper. The second night some black fins showed up. So there was quite a variety of fish caught. In all I think there were 14 totes of fish for about 35 people.

The mutton bite never really seemed to materialize. Seemed just a pick here and there. Wasn't for the crew's lack of trying. Greg moved all over the area trying to find fish. At one point during the first night he made about a 4 hour move halfway to Pulley Ridge but the mutton just didn't cooperate. As the saying goes, "That's why they call it fishing and not catching."


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