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PC 9/21 offshore

Wrong date 9/20- Started the day netting pogies that were a little too big in the barge canal and the getting finger mullet off the beach. Headed east. Saw no weeds but hit flocks of flying fish at about 120 ft. Put lines in and immediately got a baracuda. Got a few knock downs. Put a couple small Mahi in the boat between 120 and 140. Finally found some weeds around 140 and found a Mahi with friends- added 5 between 5 and 10 lbs to the cooler. Back to trolling- we had a few misses, a broken line, a snapped hook and finally hooked a bigger Mahi. The next hour was kinda crazy. We had a school of 20 lbers hitting pitch baits- triple hookups- trying to reel and gaff- too long for the cooler- broke the lid off- cooler too full- had fish shooting all over the boat. When they finally left we decided to call it a day- but 5 cobia swam behind us to join the party as we started to pack it in-two barely legals ended up on ice. Long ride home fighting the north wind- but so worth it. Most of our knockdowns were on naked and chin weighted hoos.


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