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Second Trip The Charm :banana

Recently purchased a home in the Melbourne area. Coming from the SW Florida area, where I have fished my tail off every offseason. 3 days ago I decided to take the bay boat for its first trip in the Indian River. Day started off great with 2 wells full of what looked like snook and redfish candy in the form of finger mullet. Fast forward to the storms hitting around noon and I had put in the boat was a bluefish, a catfish, and couple dinner size mangroves in some docks. I tried all the techniques that I would use in the west and nothing seemed to work. Had me doubting if I should have moved here for the wife. :banghead

Took a couple days off and started to do some more research on what signs use to look for fish in this area. Normally Im looking for oyster bars, changes in the tide, grass flats, and deep sand pockets. Since majority of those are not evident in this area I just started looking for bait and fish the surrounding areas. Needless to say today was a completely different story. Within an hr or so I had 4 nice trout in the boat and a 24 in Red. Use a combination of artificials for them: Topwater use the LiveTarget Mullet and deeper in water column used the ZMan Minnowz Mood Ring on a Trout Eyez jig head. The purple in the Mood Ring color seems to drive trout absolutely crazy.

At this point I had 2 legs of the slam in the boat and thought it was time to try and find a snook. Tried the prior techniques of baits, but that seemed to fall flat. Went to old faithful in red jig head and white paddle tail. Right away I landed a 12 in monster snook. :cool: Either way big or small I got the slam.

By then it was noon and the fish needed a midday nap. The bite shut off and time to head home. Very successful trip!!!
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