Friday Wind and Muddy Water 9/11

Headed back to Suwannee Friday with a co-worker to find the forecasted 10 knt wind was a bit off. Once we got out into the gulf it was a steady 15 knt west wind that had turned the water from tannic to muddy. Knew it was going to be tough. Started fishing and my co-worker got a lower slot red right off the bat. Then it was nothing for 2 hours. Every bar we hit we could not see, but most had tails from big ugly's on them. So, I told myself that when I hit this one bar, if there is a drum on it, I was going to get him. It was protected from the wind and would allow me to make a perfect cast. Sure enough, I round the corner and the tail was a waving. I eased up to the bar and waited for the tail to pop back up. It popped up and I pitched the Berkley Crab right in his face and instantly felt the thump. This is when I realized I had just picked a fight with a 50 pounder. CRAP!!! Well after 40 blistering 10 yard runs I finally got him up to the boat and my co-worker netted his head (breaking the net) Which is all that would fit in the net. Took a quick pic and sent him on his merry way. Ok now that was over, we can get back to trying to find cleaner water and reds. Never did. Managed one more rat red before putting an end to the misery.


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