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Almost skunked.

agm984agm984 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
Went out in mosquito with my brother in law this morning. Very overcast most of the day, a few times the sun would peak out and it was easier to see where the grass flats met sandy bottom. He was throwing spinning gear but I was more focused on the fly. (After falling out of the yak and snapping my spinning rod, I was left with little choice) anyhow, I threw mainly kwans, gurglers and some ep minnows. Still feeling out the fish here as I am in town on leave I was looking for any pointers as to what to look for when trying to sight reds out here as well as what if anything I should change up on my flies. I could definitely see single reds pushing bait mainly in the eastern back of the bay's up by lot 5 in canaveral seashore so I did cast to them but no hook ups. I had two light hits but nothing actually took the fly for a run. Appreciate any tips or pointers!
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