Chasentailz first place dolphin.

Fished the chasentailz tournament Saturday with forum member (jbail) loaded up on bait from Gary jr and cleared the inlet early to glass seas. Waited for lines in and put a 4 line spread of gogs out and trolled around with not much action besides a sail. Herd on the radio "weeds in 1000 with 1000 boats" so assumed everyone was impatiently working the first line. So we mad the call to run past the fleet. Got about 12 miles out and seen a slick with some decent weeds. Started chunking and in no time a nice school of all nice sized dolphin were everywhere. After picking off several we put a gog out on the outskirts of the school and it gets slammed with what would end up being the first place dolphin in the tournament. After getting that in the boat we decided to troll north to Jupiter where the weigh in was being held. Picked off 5 more off the troll all decent gaffers. All in all a great day with a first place finish. 15 dolphin and a sail release.


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