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Break out another.......

Putting this in the reports forum, hope that's OK.
So this week I get my live well fixed and trailer re-wired.
Naples Boat Mart was good to me on price & turn-around time.
Planned on slaying the snook, redfish, trout, etc. today.
But last night, found my power trim/tilt will not operate!
Added fluid. Nope.
Tried to bleed the system, bleed screw frozen. could not lower/raise unit.
Pump operates, but no actuation. Engine does not budge.
Naughty words!
This week will pay the piper for T&T repair.
if nothing else, the GF and I took the time this morning to completely empty the boat and washed/scrubbed it stem to stern. All compartments, hull, gunnels, splash well, etc. It needed it.
Hopefully next weekend, I REALLY hope to post an actual fishing report!
After the trailer rewire and the upcoming T&T repair, I will again realize the definition of B.O.A.T., hence the title of the post.

Be safe. Hope to see all at the Pass and Cape Romano soon!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    Sorry about the thousand! Hopefully you can be patient with the problems. I got rid of a boat that required a lot of work and later regretted it.
  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,229 Officer
    Best of luck both on and off the water.
    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,332 Captain
    Aren't boats fun.....
    Tight Lines
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  • rgarryrgarry Posts: 87 Deckhand
    I know the feeling. My boat just hit 10 yrs old at the same time they I started to keep on a lift for part of the year. Just put in a fuel tank, which lead to some electrical issues and just had a busted hydraulic line. Only saving grace was organized boat and now I know where everything is.
  • FLTXhunterFLTXhunter Posts: 516 Officer
    Dude, Caxambas kid....I enjoy your posts. Sorry about the problems and we have all had them. Hope you get her fixed quickly. but I appreciate the activity on here and the posts and the fact that I always feel like I'm on board when I read the them. Good fishing my friend. Caxambas was my old stomping grounds and **** did I cut my teeth out there and loved every minute of it...except the boat problems!
  • Flatwater witchFlatwater witch Posts: 606 Officer
    Boats...motors..trailers... cost money but well worth it.

    Since we are in the fishing section I'll post up.
    Fished the last two weekends. Labor Day weekend better than last weekend.
    Found the over slot reds and slot snook. The trout were small.
    Tons of bait everywhere.....which was good to see.
    Saw several tarpon who were busy dining on the bait and ignoring mine.
    Water temps are getting cooler and the storms continue. always had some type of west wind.
    Great time to be in the Glades.

    PS. the skeets and no see ums were out in force last weekend.
    Renagade69 wrote: »
    Either you are mechanically inclined ore your not. The fact you had to ask told me that you can not do it. Its ok, not every one has this ability. Some people just have to pay.
  • KittykillerKittykiller Posts: 114 Deckhand
    Working on your boat is part of "Boating". I new before I bought my first boat that I would need to learn how to fix things on it or go broke, including the trailer. If you are somewhat handy and can use a computer then you can figure out how to fix just about anything yourself which will save you a ton of loot. You will also start to see where you can improve on previous designs or add additional accessories to truly customize your boat and take it to the next level. Lots of great info on here and THT to help you through your fixes, stay positive and keep trying until it works.
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 15,119 AG
    I've brought the boat home every weekend and every weekend it has rained.....

    But we fire it up and when that 90 2st fires up, I still get excited, even sitting in the driveway. Does suck to fix and always expensive, but I don't think i'll even not be a boat owner again.
    Yesterday's memories are not today's reality
  • Caxambas KidCaxambas Kid Posts: 215 Deckhand
    Boat is repaired! Power trim/tilt done! Trailer rewired. Boat scrubbed/clean. Batteries charging now. Fair warning to the trout, redfish, snook and other piscatorial creatures, I am back in business! Caxambas launch tomorrow @ 6:45! It's been 3 weeks. The jones-in IS OVER! Hope/pray to post a successful report tomorrow afternoon/evening. Till then, be careful and save some for me!
    Polar 1900 Yamaha 115
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