Father and Son on the Other Side - 2015

UPDATE: short video link of some clips from my phone was added at the bottom of this first post. There's an expletive in there so listen at your own discretion.

As many of you know, after our summer adventure in the Bahamas we quickly packed up and left to the west coast for Joseph to attend a summer program at UC Berkeley. Long story short, he survived and finished with flying colors...


We stayed back an extra week and did the tourist thing with the kids.

A couple of boring charters catching pond size salmon...


Find the birds, find the fish... sounds familiar. You can also see a whale blowing water in the pic. They're all feeding on anchovies...


A helicopter tour of the city by the bay...



A visit to Alcatraz...



Where we met a former inmate who wrote a book about his experience...


Then a visit to Nappa...


A few days in Half Moon Bay, Monterey and Carmel...







The Monterey aquarium was really cool...





Back in the Bay area, we took a ride into Sausalito...





All in all, it was a good trip to the west coast and the kids enjoyed it...



But I was glad to be finally on the red eye back home...


Sunrise heading into the sunshine state...


Although Joseph and the rest of the crew got to spend the next 10 days on Lake Winnipesaukee catching salmon with grandpa...


... when they got back, he couldn't help but feel that his summer vaca was cut short by a month...

So we waited for Erika to be a non-event, loaded up the boat and headed East... which brings me to this report...

Wednesday 9-2-15

I got up early to finish loading up the boat, and watched the Atlas V go by...


I initially didn't know what it was and just took it as a sign from above of good things to come.

Since we weren't in a rush to get across, we cleared the Boynton inlet around 9:30am and had a great run across... just me and Joseph..




We made it to Old Bahama Bay in under 2 hours, topped off the gas tank, cleared customs, got our slip, set up our lines, shore power etc... then untied around 2pm and went out to catch dinner... the marina was practically empty on Wednesday...


It didn't take us long to put some 20 fish in the box...




We then took off looking for crawfish. A friend had asked me for some lobster spots the month before and he had reported back that the spots which had produced really good for us the previous two years were all a bust...

We encountered similar results but filled up a couple of buckets with some jumbo conch...


Back at our slip, my old friend and local fisherman Frankie showed up to clean our fish and conch... of course Joseph was throwing top water lures and caught this little cuda...


Frankie took fish and conch to the cleaning tables while Joseph and I cleaned the boat... soon after we followed Frankie and Joseph brought a rod which he used to catch 3 jumbo mangos with fish scraps...



While Frankie was still cleaning the rest of the day's catch I grabbed the cleaned conch and a few fish and dropped them off at the restaurant...



Then Joseph and I headed over back to the boat to clean up and change for dinner. Service was excellent and they did a fabulous job preparing our fried snapper with coleslaw and rice...



Back at the boat, we watched a movie and turned in...



Thursday 9-3-15

We got up around 7am, had a couple of yogurts for breakfast, untied and headed up to Sandy. Joseph loves to go up there and throw top water lures from the beach around the fallen trees. Well he started before we hit the beach...



He convinced me to bring a rod over to the beach, maybe just to show me how far superior his skills are. He was leading 8 to 1...







... when I finally redeemed myself with a small mutton on a topwater lure...


Yes that's MY fish. He just looks better holding it!!

By lunchtime we waded back to the boat and had the conch salad the restaurant had prepared for us the night before for lunch...


With full bellies, we were determined to go find some bugs. So we explored some new areas further and deeper in the backwater and scored...





We also grabbed some more conch which I cleaned on the boat after Joey, one of our local friends had shown me how to do it on our previous trip...


Here's Joey showing us how...


Back at our slip, the boat was fairly clean since we hadn't fished that day and I only had a mutton and the lobster to clean. Joseph grabbed his rod, his favorite topwater lure and headed over to the jetty. Three minutes later he shows up with a yellowtail!!!!


We released that little guy to grow some more.

We cleaned up, grabbed a few yellowtails from the day before and a couple of fresh bugs, dropped them off at the restaurant and took a walk. Since the place was still empty except for a couple of big yachts, the service was prompt and the chef outdid himself...



Back at the boat, we finished the movie from the night before and hit the sack...


Friday 9-4-15

After a full day in the sun the day before, the little man was sleeping hard...


But as soon as I uttered the words let's go fishing, he was on the bow ready to help me untie.

The labor day crowd was beginning to show up around 9 am when we slid in at the gas dock to top off again and pick up some ice... Nice seeing you over there Kurtinkall and thanks for the hand with the ice Adam!

We decided to go deep drop for some meat and did well...





Joseph wanted to see if we can pull a grouper or two so I took him to one of our holes and he managed 3 strawberries / hinds and a horse eye while I puffed on a stogie...




Not a bad catch for a couple of hours of work...




We headed back to the barn early and slid the Grady into our slip. Cleaned the boat quickly and jumped in the shower. My buddy Robby had set up a table by our boat. I put the grill on top and threw on a couple of nice steaks and had a bit of conch salad for an appetizer... dinner in the air conditioned salon, I mean at the helm...



As the marina had filled up, we spent some time on the docks chatting with some friends and slip neighbors (lt20 and nick c), then turned in and dreamt of another day...

Saturday 9-5-15

As it may have become clear to many, Joseph loves bottom fishing, so for today I promised him a real fishing bonanza...

I took him to one of our super secret spots, dropped the hook and told him to let loose... and let loose he did...





He was really proud of this nice cero he caught on a little Penn 430 SSG on a bass rod... I have video clip somewhere which I'll dig up later...



After a few hours of just catching fish in 95 degree heat and throwing them on the deck till we got 5 or 6 in before we would open the cooler to ice them, it was time to cool down... and what better way to cool down than jumping in for a few more bugs...

The day's tally was quite respectable!!



Back at the marina, my good friend Frankie came to the rescue again and went off with our catch and brought it back all cleaned up in ziplocks... while I fired up the magma and threw on a couple more steaks...



Later after dinner, we took a walk down the docks to watch the tail end of the junkanoos...


Sunday 9-6-15

We started out the day thinking we would deep drop for some more meat. We headed out to the same spots that had produced well for us 2 days earlier, only to get sharked again and again...

Here's Joseph putting us on the meat...


We then had a bite that seemed like a shark but didn't break off. While at a standstill with this fish 600' down, I told Joseph to put the boat in gear so we can try to plane the fish up. The plan worked and it was a big AJ which we brought back and was sent over to the village for the locals...



Besides the sharks putting a damper on our deep drop, a storm was barreling down on us...



As it was getting close, it was time to get out of dodge and go do something else...



Having pretty much done it all already over the last few days, we decided to hit up some of our deeper reef spots and we were rewarded again!!!

I don't think I had met a real flag until this day... 22" yellowtails were small... 24"+ was the norm...

Joseph was on fire fishing from the stern, on top of the fish box, pulling one after the other...









We landed I think 20 flags to close out the day...


We also landed a shark...


... a nice cuda perfectly hooked on a yellowtail jig which Frankie was happy to take home...


... and this cool houndfish that put on an awesome show greyhounding across the water behind the boat...


That night we threw fresh cero and a few bugs on the grill and enjoyed another great dinner and retired after a nice stogie...



Monday 9-7-15

Woke up around 7am, got the boat packed and ready to travel back home, then woke up the little man and slipped out of the marina around 9am.

The seas were nice and calm but we came across a few storms most of which we were able to avoid without major course deviations...


20 miles off Boynton, I saw the first weed line, we stopped, put out two lines and worked it for 10 minutes with no love... So we picked up and continued on our course. 13 miles I spot another rip. We stopped. This one had fliers and some bait under the mats. Put out two lines again and had a double in short order. We went 4 for 5 on these, then picked up and was at the home dock for lunch (and a lot of vacuum sealing) :fishing



It was an awesome time spent with my fishing buddy. Besides fishing and diving nonstop, we spent a bunch of time going over boating safety, safety equipment, what to do in case of an emergency, in case something were to happen to me while we're fishing...

The best part of the trip for me, besides seeing him smile all the time, was the last evening over dinner, when he said to me "dad, we should make this an annual event, just the two of us."

This concludes another Facebook 1%er report complete with ice cream and grey poupon!





  • BearmaticBearmatic Posts: 576 Officer
    Looks more fun than is legal , but it is always nice to see a family having fun together
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,041 Captain
    Paul, thanks for the report and thanks for the update on Joseph I think a lot of us were interested! A lot of pictures I liked this one best.

    baf44a4e-6651-4a38-8a03-7b1c3b6bd22b_zpse5ca0565.jpg L.G. LIFE IS GOOD ON THE "LET'S GO!"
  • ProYakProYak Posts: 297 Officer
    "The best part of the trip for me, besides seeing him smile all the time, was the last evening over dinner, when he said to me "dad, we should make this an annual event, just the two of us."

    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." ~ Henry David Thoreau

  • mikevmikev Posts: 10,822 AG
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing with all of us. That's a trip of a lifetime for a whole lot of people, and obviously, a trip that he (and you) will never forget.
    "The only people that tell you it can't be done are the people who haven't done it themselves."
  • soflah3soflah3 Posts: 589 Officer
    Another high quality PaulBoat report :hail

    Looks like a great summer. The kids are really growing up quickly! You and Joseph know how to get it done!
  • swordawetswordawet 337 miles WNW of GTCPosts: 625 Officer
    Sweet trip Paul. Great report from a growing team.
    "Today's the Day" .... Mel Fisher
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    GREAT report Paul, love the San Fran area of the country, the tuna exhibit at the aquarium is awesome. Looks like you guys did very well as usual at OBB. Gregg is away at college, it's very strange not having him around, it goes so fast. Congrats!

    BTW LOVED the last pic
  • AnyhooAnyhoo Posts: 146 Deckhand
    Great Report-You have the best fishing buddy in the world. Each and every time I get to go out fishing with my son I realize just how lucky I am.

  • Osprey45Osprey45 FT Pierce/ Boonton Twp NJPosts: 992 Officer
    Fantastic Paul thanks for sharing with us.
  • baiterjoebaiterjoe Posts: 307 Deckhand
    Epic trip as always.
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    You certainly know how to live well. Congratulations to you for making this all happen.
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,001 Captain
    Great trip report(s)...you guys definitely had a ball on your own as well as with your whole family out west..very nicely done!
  • GTSRGTSR Posts: 750 Officer
    Very, Very Nice!!!
  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 941 Officer
    nice to see the Grey Poupon.

    What a summer! Great trips, great fish, great academics. Monterey Aquarium is awesome. That cero is really solid. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    We pulled into WE to clear customs right at 9:00 Friday, thanks to 45minutes at the train bridge. Even talked to Robby while we were waiting for a friend to show, he never said that you were there. :banghead

    I've never seen so many boats waiting to clear. We cleared straight away, but by the time we left, there were 4-5 boats flying Q flags on teh sea wall, 4 boats waiting, and 4 boats coming in the inlet.
  • century7century7 Posts: 2,410 Captain
    Looks like like a great trip and a great way to end the summer

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  • pnj2108pnj2108 Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Just down right awesome i hope to one day be able to do that with my son but first i have to start by buying a boat :crossed

    Great Report.
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,388 Captain
    GREAT report Paul, and you and Debra are clearly amazing parents to Joseph and Sarah. Glad you were able to find the bugs. We found three solid conch spots north of the original bug spot and I'm guessing that's the same spot you found them.

    My hat is off to Joseph for his diverse fishing prowess. I'm not sure how much fish you'd have to eat without Joseph aboard. :rotflmao

    Thanks for sharing your trip.

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  • flatsfisherflatsfisher Posts: 1,381 Officer
    sounds like an awesome trip! congrats and those are some STUD yellowtail
  • Hawk'em UpHawk'em Up Posts: 42 Deckhand
    Thanks for continuing the story and sharing the adventure with all of us.
  • Kim ChiKim Chi Posts: 306 Deckhand
    That is awesome, Paul! My 9 yr old just caught the bug and he is my favorite fishing partner! Hope to be able to do something like this with him one day too!
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  • woodystikswoodystiks Posts: 40 Deckhand
    That boys a snapper catch'in rascal, lol!
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Looks like some great trips. Congrats to you and your family.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • Hook N UpHook N Up Posts: 188 Officer
    Thanks for sharing and great pics.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Show off :wink:wink

    Joseph and Sarah are getting so big!!!!!!

    Great report


  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    Show off :wink:wink

    Joseph and Sarah are getting so big!!!!!!

    Great report

    I know right!!??

    You're just jealous because the yellowtails you catch belong in a powder room fish bowl :wink :grin
  • footanklegfootankleg Posts: 513 Officer
    Another great adventure and report. It's truly a blessing to fish with your son. BTW, that stud Cero makes ASWESOME Sashimi.
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  • REEL RIVALREEL RIVAL Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    those trips looked like tons of fun! went to California last year for 10 days and had an amazing time. can't wait to go back. you always have very interesting reports. thanks for sharing
  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,843 Captain
    Great report and pics. Those were cool flag yellowtails!
  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 712 Officer
    Best post I've seen in a while
  • bambam78bambam78 Posts: 557 Officer
    Awesome trip and report!

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