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2015 has been a great fishing year

I first again want to apologize for not being on here much this year. The Florida Sportsman Forums has been a great source of information for me over the years, and I must make it to a point to contribute and keep that going. Anytime I was heading somewhere new, trying something different, this was where I figured out how to do it. This year has been my busiest ever for our guide business, I took on some added responsibility with the Florida Guides Association, and had a rough bout with some pneumonia, all these added up and left me little time for the computer. But here we go, a brief look at the catches in 2015, and as we move continue the year, I will keep up much better.

In the winter, I run alot of offshore trips tageting sheepshead. This year was outstanding for that, and I saw some of the biggest fish I have seen in our area in a long time. Lots of big snapper, and actually got into a few tripltail before the traps were pulled. As we rolled into spring the cobia really took off, again this year being one of the best I have seen in alot of years. We have caught lots of fish of all sizes on more trips then not.
Since the spring I have ran a variety of trips both inshore and offshore. and again it was very consistent. Lots of trout and reds, ton of small snook, big snapper, and all the other normal players. 7f0e0f7643d0fb35da260b3efa1eb028.jpg6432386958dbed48130cbd852cd16132.jpgaf67a8e1ef5dba13c3db7b540d01121e.jpg201d78382d1c536010a187fdc9fdbd89.jpg89fe11e4a22d7b0e81c822159a9b5313.jpg0f444674e672c9df82b8749c91a0d29a.jpg2b6175bc1ac12900df3a14219a0b07e6.jpga7fa9d64d204a9d80a31f0c3ef200921.jpgfba75e643de08c43b412eb3d10473fbb.jpg6122cae74bec5d49ad5e3d2dbd1c165b.jpg2d6523b0a9dc431a0c46f253e5f189e0.jpg29a6594ff4d4903b62e899117ec67240.jpgb944b0e0096931d3c644903e3f146478.jpg7793fdfde63e2476f0c676e7377e221c.jpge2cf5a6669cf050321ff37701774e472.jpg9627979c8b8cd2a3cfd966d3b2880572.jpgc6f6dd1e1ef507b760cee92255cc76d9.jpg3ad2c6f7863c2096315798d0e2b7deaf.jpgfbd8a520ef8cdc0a0ec4e0db0b46b8d3.jpg9f77227178b7d2e3d0e1e8eae766a744.jpg82e869632c541e7d8ad3b6c75ee0c986.jpgc59dd0f0d6df1e9673d760f3c2e4bb90.jpg493dafa536ed63592c6e7fd33835f91e.jpg55be9d9a9f312dd1b4fa288240836894.jpg5bfad3e05281338bc3019b5aa5126a8a.jpgc5cc74832ec91acaf431ab175cfc029a.jpgc5e4c3bbf76c5ccecbceeeb8d0555aac.jpg62338777427300587612c22a2947beb2.jpg
Took most of July and August off as we have been doing a little work on the boat. Also been fishing our new skiff quite a bit and really am enjoying it. Stay tuned for more on it later this year.

I did fish this weekend and can give a current report on the red grouper. Did great targeting fish in 35-45 foot of water, over live bottom using cut bait, octopus and jigs. I'll Be fishing much more and make sure to keep up with reports on a more timely basis going forward. Also if I can ever be of help, please just let me know. 3470698634d257fb826fbdfee7a7140e.jpgb99d167be4138dea0253984bf4816934.jpge8d8f1f828f2fa030e8e043f987792c5.jpg73a5299d8f5c677e070f4340637597b4.jpgeb6155cbf6b0b25d1128b1243b04da32.jpgf2ea7277176fa653911c264515eb2343.jpg6e7ba39c45da51f4f16da6873ff0fb0d.jpg768fe80e7e77b98b083b0eb3f51574a6.jpg64a0c675f3fa416b30811ffbd79d0ce6.jpg

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