Best Online Tackle Retailer??



  • DropTheHammerDropTheHammer East CoastPosts: 556 Officer
    Oh yeah! Now I remember.

    Where did you get those hooks?
    I can't remember.
    How much are they?
    What's with all of the questions.
    Why did you get more?
    Mind your business.

    Look! It's A family owned head boat fleet! It's A vessel manufacturer.
    I don't need another one for at least ten more years.
    I have no work and you have the cliental for it. I can't take no for an answer.

    We all new what we were doing until DropTheHammer showed up.
  • EldenEisenhauerEldenEisenhauer USAPosts: 2 Greenhorn
    here are a few I shop at that delivery to Michigan in less than a week.

    bass caught with topwater frog

  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,217 Captain
    For offshore tackle. I use tackle direct, Melton, capt harrys and I buy lead weights in bulk from guys who just make weights. I am a discriminating buyer when it comes to my tackle for big fish so a lot of other places dont have the top gear I'm looking for.

    My inshore stuff I just stop by the local tackle shop. Only used a jig, topwaters, and jerkbaits for 15 years, dont lose many lures. Ebay for the reels and rods.
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