Best Online Tackle Retailer??

nolegsinmiaminolegsinmiami Posts: 37 Greenhorn
Any suggestions on the best place to get both Bass and inshore tackle online?


  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 AG
    I prefer my local tackle store.
  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    check out they have a good selection on every thing.
  • FlagtailsFlagtails Posts: 576 Officer
    Local tackle shop.

  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,577 Captain
    Go local if you can, but in some cases local shops that carry relevant items don't exist... ie gainesville, ocala, and the entire big bend
  • BucYouUp68BucYouUp68 Posts: 1,184 Officer
    Go Local, and if not will take care of you
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  • SumotimeSumotime Posts: 178 Officer Local tackle shop on Anna Maria Island. Good People too.
  • big_tbig_t Posts: 588 Officer
    BucYouUp68 wrote: »
    Go Local, and if not will take care of you

  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    charkbait doesnt have bass tackle.
  • gatorsaintgatorsaint Posts: 175 Deckhand
    These sites have a lot of freshwater tackle as well as saltwater and
  • Mr. DemeanorMr. Demeanor Posts: 370 Officer
    I use when I order online.
    They are on here with fishing reports and good advice all the time.
  • BucYouUp68BucYouUp68 Posts: 1,184 Officer
    What is Bass Tackle, Never heard of it.
    I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.


  • FlatzBrokeFlatzBroke Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    i use as well prices are hard to beat and they seem to actually know whats what.
  • Mr. DemeanorMr. Demeanor Posts: 370 Officer
    Nobody ever asks what the best flag and flag pole website is ;)
    Shameless....I know :)
  • DragScreamerDragScreamer Posts: 1,475 Officer
    angler systems doesnt have much to sell on rods and reels
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  • esteroestero Posts: 2,041 Captain
    The person asked for online retailers.

    Its nice to shop local but that is not always an option because they don't carry items someone might want. There is not a local shop near some people. Their prices are way too high.

    Saying that, there are places like Bass Pro, Cabelas, Tackle Direct and many others that have fresh and saltwater items. Look for the best prices with shipping. You have to look out for your own dollar.

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  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    I buy a lot from Barlows, Bass Pro, Jann's Netcraft...
  • SaltasylumSaltasylum Posts: 9 Greenhorn Try this, great prices you just have to keep checking what they have.
  • temmortemmor Posts: 74 Greenhorn
    Fish Freak Online.
  • chicochico Posts: 504 Officer
    I buy from tackledirect, as well as local tackle shops. Many now have online services as well as face to face, personal service. When I need a specific rod, like a tilefish rod, or cod rod, I find a local tackleshop or rod builder. This way I know I am getting what I really need the first time. I buy my sinkers from a local guy as well.
  • AlwaysAbuAlwaysAbu Posts: 473 Deckhand
    I believe in supporting the local tackle shops in every way. But the guy started a thread to ask specifically the best online tackle shop and got "go to the local tackle shop" answers. The local tackle shops should get local business but you know, people that can't run a business shouldn't be in business. Is it too much for a local tackle shop to have a website? I can't sympathize with a local store of any kind that chooses not to market themselves in an obvious path of doing business that would help them and maybe double their business. There are websites "for dummies" even available where it isn't that hard to have a presence online even for a non savvy internet person. So I have to attribute it to someone being lazy. If you don't try to be competitive you for sure won't be. Often price is not the decider but it comes down to convenience, I would rather pay shipping than take the hour to drive across town or whatever. Instead it shows up at my door. If a local shop has a site, we could still support locally while shopping on line. How often have you walked into a tackle shop and the uy behind the counter is sitting on his hands? He could be filling an online order instead. If I am going fishing Sat, I can order on Monday while sitting at the house and it arrives before my trip. It is about time saved.

    That being said and to answer the question, J & H Tackle has some decent deals and Charkbait offers a wide selection.
  • GermGerm Posts: 1,704 Captain
    most tackle shops ive been to are pretty sparse and small. Im too jaded with the local shop here in tampa that all other shops seem crappy.
  • EldenEisenhauerEldenEisenhauer USAPosts: 2 Greenhorn
    I think tacklewarehouse is the best, they have guaranteed lowest prices on bass fishing tackle from every top brand.
  • BTVengeanceBTVengeance SCPosts: 33 Greenhorn
    I do 90% or more of my tackle shopping online and there is no satisfactory “single source” to buy everything.  I shop for quality, selection, customer service/delivery and price with free or low cost flat rate shipping being a big factor as shipping cost can make all the difference.  Actually I probably purchase the most from reputable Ebay vendors (over 500 transactions and over 98% satisfaction is about my minimum threshold) and they tend to provide the best service of them all.

    Unfortunately for consumers the premium tackle industry does an amazing job of maintaining minimum pricing structures making online shopping less advantageous but the online network has selections far beyond all of the local shops combined.

    For St Croix rods I like, while they do not offer much if any discount on rods they have free shipping, outstanding packaging and great service.  For now most can save the sales tax but that is probably coming to an end in the not too distant future. 

    Lastly, there are a lot of totally bogus online tackle vendors along with some not so good ones.  Beware of anyone offering YETI products with much of a discount, they may have American sounding names but turn out to be Chinese knockoff companies.  

    Here is a good source for avoiding online tackle scams but they are famous for changing their names or operating under multiple names.

  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,032 Captain
    To put it mildly internet selling is pretty much killing local retailing (but it's going to be a long, slow process... - anyone bought something from a Sears lately?).  Yes, you can find bargains on line - but you'll be using a variety of sources... 

    Something most are not aware of is that some retailers are responding to the pressure by having their own on-line presences (check out CaptHarry' for example).  The day before yesterday, for instance I stopped by my local ****'s Sporting Goods store (a place that 98% of the time -I have no interest in at all....).  They do have, however, an extensive ability to respond to a local order (or an on-line order...) and I was able to purchase four pints of Berkley's Gulp (something my anglers use every day - but I'm rarely ever able to find in enough quantity at local shops... ).  I'll have my purchase (about $80 plus sales tax) at my door next Tuesday - and won't be charged a penny for shipping.... This was order number three or four for me and they've been first rate for this limited need.  Multiply that number by thousands of folks doing similar stuff and you'll figure out that your local tackle shop has some serious challenges.... The old joke, long before the arrival on on-line selling, has often been told to someone considering opening a tackle shop.  Here's how it goes... "Kid, we can make a small fortune in the tackle business... First we'll start with a large fortune...."  Remember - this was long before the internet came along.... I worked at my first shop starting in 1972 (the old Reef Tackle on 79th St. in Miami...).  Can't remember how many shops I've seen come and go over the years....

    Basically, I'm a wholesale customer for most of the supplies I need these days as a small manufacturer (lure maker only these days - I've stood down from fly-tying commercially about two years ago..) and full-time guide.  My first choice is always manufacturer direct, my second choice is the internet (if I can be sure of exactly what I need...), my last choice is a local purchase...  Heck, on a Sunday afternoon if I need something for my skiff so that I can run a charter the next day.... I'll even make a run to West Marine (no matter what it costs...).

    Since I've long been a behind the scenes supplier for local fly shops (and a few general tackle shops that had specific lure needs...) I'm well aware of the contradictions involved - and that the real knowledge base for our sport resides in our local shops (and not the big box outfits - with very rare exceptions....).  That's where we stand and I'm not smart enough to tell you where we'll be five or ten years from now.   At age 70, of course, my guiding services are pretty much a year to year thing anyway... 
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  • petedoggiedogpetedoggiedog Posts: 121 Deckhand
    price shopping is always smart, but once you find your lowest price online, you may be pleasantly surprised that your local tackle shop can match the online price. buying local may cost just a little more  (TAX), but you can't get local knowledge and make friends online shopping. jmo.
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    I shop at K-mart.

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  • NitzeyNitzey Posts: 114 Deckhand
    I buy a lot of stuff from 
  • Kill_It_N_Grill_ItKill_It_N_Grill_It fort lauderdalePosts: 60 Greenhorn   definatly the cheapest place to buy items and much cheaper than tackle direct
  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,221 Officer
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