Grouper Digging...A Few Recent Trips

Hey all, it's been a while since I got on here and posted something. Grouper fishing has been slow in the heat of summer. Last year's red tide decimated some of my favorite spots and forced me into finding some new ones. Once there, however the fish haven't always cooperated. They have been slow to bite and even worse once the sun gets up. A few pics of recent trips.

On a beautiful day out of Horseshoe. Landed a nice king and gag then the bite shut down completely.

Fishing out of Waccasassa, we decided to run out and troll some shallow spots. Didn't work. Bumped out a little deeper and managed one legal red.

Hit Cedar Key, ran all the way to my first spot without stopping. Pull up to see a massive amount of bait being busted by blues. Dropped the trolling rods in and instantly put three nice fish in the boat. No amount of trolling or live pins could entice another grouper up all day.

Most recent trip out of Suwannee. Managed to troll up two gags. Then stumbled into some small but feisty red snapper. Caught and released 25 or so before leaving them in search of bigger fish. Caught several short gags, a short red and a trigger before heading in.

Water temp was 86.9 on Saturday. Hopefully it will start cooling off and the bite will heat up. A few things to note. The area beyond the Barge at Cedar Key is pretty barren in 60'. The GoPro showed lots of dead corals and some small young growth. Off of Horseshoe, the devastation seems scattered, or I should say the surviving spots seem scattered, the devastation is everywhere. You have to just keep looking. There are some quality spots out there, they're just harder to find now. In general, 30-50' has been the key to what little success we've seen for gags. The reds in that range are few and far between.

Lastly, a short video of a decent little spot we found out of Horseshoe. The bottom is not great but apparently it is good enough to hold triggers, AJ's sheeps and a herd of special attention when you see the one. The others are in the shadows behind him following the boat. Enjoy.

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