8/31 CR- Gettin' schooled

Been wanting to get out and throw some lures under this cloud cover and Maureen said she wanted to go, so off we went to fish about 3 hours of the incoming flood tide. To our surprise it was sunny and hot, except for the last half hour....not what I was expecting. I was the first to hook up with a 28" Snook. After that Maureen showed me how it's done. She hadn't caught a really big Snook since last summer, although she has caught several 26-31". Today she got a powerful 35" Snook first that didn't jump but was fast and had some stamina. We fished some new spots with no luck and then she gets this tournament Red that hit with an explosion on her Badonk a donk. We should have gone looking for a trout to complete her slam, but I didn't think of it....I was trying to get on the board. A real fun 3 hours of fishing!


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