Miamimuttonman Report latest (before Erica vanished)

The mangrove bite has been great from Fowey rocks to carrysfort light. We did catch some real nice size ones. The current was perfect to the north both trips, one trip we caught a bunch of nice ones and a couple of muttons. On the next trip, We caught two huge ones, before I noticed the boat was filled with water and we were about to sink, The bilge pump stopped working and the boat had taken in water. Quickly we pulled out and with a hand pump we were able to keep it afloat as we rushed in to the marina at full speed. we made it and put a quick early end to a trip, that could of been very productive. Tip to boaters, check your valves and your clamps for rust and also check for loose fittings, that can also take in water. This is about the 5th time, I almost sink out there, so be alert when your bilge starts going off every few minutes. Tight lines and catch em up.IMG_4224_zps9a96bc70.jpgIMG_4226_zpsab67c69e.jpgIMG_4227_zps6ba4cb20.jpgIMG_4230_zpsf230ee9e.jpgIMG_4231_zpse30e2a10.jpgIMG_4251_zps8f695b36.jpgIMG_4338_zps15b813a9.jpg


  • CaptJCaptJ Posts: 732 Officer
    Sink 'em up Benny!
  • gdholbrookgdholbrook Posts: 480 Deckhand
    Nice pics of the boat filled with water?
  • TommTomm Posts: 359 Deckhand
    Great catch as always. A boat taking on water is never a good thing :-) Glad all made it back safely.
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