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dirty water

surffished Hannah today no takers dirty water.


  • muchomucho Posts: 79 Greenhorn
    Try points south of PV. I surfed Vilano today and witnessed an epic feeding frenzy with big 'ol tarpon hammering mullet schools coming out of the inlet. Probably some toothy critters around as well but I didn't wanna think of that...
  • smallboatsmallboat Posts: 1,590 Captain
    Was at Guana South on Saturday. A couple tiny whiting at the start of the day and then NOTHING for the rest of the day. I finally packed it up when the thunder rolled in. The waterspout went right by us and was pretty dang cool!
  • me3260me3260 Posts: 102 Officer
    @smallboat we were fishing near the Matanzas inlet Saturday morning and saw a HUGE water spout just off shore. Saw a lot of wicked weather drifting your way all morning.

    I wander if it was the same spout. The one we saw was pretty massive. I'm over here on vacation, we usually fish Cedar Key. I have seen some small Water Spouts in the Waccassa bay, but nothing like this over here.
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