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I drank the Gill "Kool Aid" and I must give thanks!!

This years tournament was awesome and I am SO PROUD to be part of the group that helps each year put this on. Dave makes great "koolaid" and when you drink it, you will feel the need to support it each year!!

I just wanted to personally thank each and every person that works behind the scenes to make this event take place. These people give their time to ensure that we have this tournament each and every year!!

Dave and Michelle Gill put a LOT of effort and time in this and personally see to the small things that make this so great. Without you, we all know this would have never started and continue to grow! Sorry you didn't win anything in the raffle!
Anthony Edmundson, what a man!! Running all around town picking up this and that. The face a lot of corporate sponsors sees when he is getting the sponsors money, it is much appreciated!! His wife Julia also helps us each year and she did a good job winning him some great prizes!!
Anna Crowder and her friend Tammy that helps each year with all the computer stuff for weigh in and labels and anything else they are asked to do. A job that is possibly overlooked, but I know the pain and it is MUCH appreciated!!
Tony Eden had done an awesome job as the tournament director and has come up with rules to make this a fun and easy tournament for all to enjoy!!
Greg and his wife provided some AWESOME food Friday night for everyone to enjoy and it was certainly fun watching Greg trying to keep a hold of those slimy fish on Saturday!!
I, Stephen Dudra, take care of the online registration, website development and answering any and all emails that come in regarding the tournament in a politically correct manner!
Steve and Cindy Austin has continued to help us with our ticket sales and handling of a LOT of money!!
Stefany Sullivan has dedicated her time in helping us get these raffle prizes bundled and put together with Michelle and ensure everything is labeled and ready for an awesome evening!!!
Rachelle and Donnie has once again provided us some AWESOME food for the event and if you missed South in your Mouth, you REALLY missed out on something good!!!
Rick Ryals continues to do wonderful things and certainly entertains us all with the raffle drawing!!

There are many others that help come tournament day and we appreciate all of that help, but I wanted to give a shout out personally to those of us that work on this way more than just Friday and Saturday to make this a success. I am honored to be part of such a great group of people!!



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