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A much needed shout out for Charly at (T)rolling (M)otor (S)ervices !!

I was really sweating about being able to put new wheels and tires on the trailer rebuild that I donated, I couldn't really afford the $ 600.00 cost of them. I made a short list of friends that I thought might be able to help in hopes of getting each one to donate the cost of one wheel each. My first and only call was to Charly at TMS, he bought all four ! I specifically asked that he get the recognition of doing so during the drawing but that seemed to get lost in the excitement so I want everyone here to know that without Charly I would have had to mount 2 x 6 " skis " to the hubs to get the trailer to the bash. Thanks Charly , You are a great friend to me and this community !!


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