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Thanks to ALL!

Thank you to everyone who put the bash together and, everyone who fished and participated in it. I've been at all of them and true to form, it gets better every year. It's just like anything else in life, you learn from experience and mistakes and, the team that organizes this event works light on their feet and is able to adjust quickly to any changes; good or bad. Dave, Anna, Tony E., Wade, Michelle and so many more (I'm not good with names/faces all the time)...All the sponsors, Beach Marine for the event location and all the ramps that let all of us invade them. The Gate Station on Hecksher, my hats off to you folks. I'm not sure if they get tuned into all of the tournaments etc. around town, but man...They staff that place up early in the morning and always have what I need and get us out in a hurry (except Dandee sandwiches). You're like the Publix of gas stations.

All the fisherman....I fished inshore and spoke to several people out and about on the water. What a bunch of class so many of you showed. Such a different feeling than many other tournaments (I know this one is charity, but still) very cool folks and very outgoing. I admit, I'm usually pretty quiet and keep to myself, that's on me. But, every single person there was smiling, happy and just having a good time. Even when we all had tears in our eyes meeting and listening to Drew, Taylor, Mrs. Tyson and this years recipient, the Causey's. I'm a Florida native by birth, but a NE Florida fisherman by privilege. Many thanks to all involved, you nailed it!

Dave, I want to volunteer next year. Please let me know what I need to do in order to do so.


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