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8/30 - pretty solid day at CK

I wouldn't have given us a chance in hell of catching much today since we had bright skies the day after a full moon, but action was pretty hot. When we first got there it was a pretty strong low tide, had to launch at the outside ramp. One thing I like about CK is it's marked so well, and there are many good places to fish nearby deep channels so it's easier to fish a strong low tide than many other places that I like which are simply inaccessible on low tides. Anyway, there were tarpon rolling near the channel but I think we spooked them with the outboard. I went and cast netted some bait and fished around a bar and landed probably a half dozen 14 inch trout on a topwater plug and lost several more. We had some pinfish now and made a run to some other bars. When we first showed up to the spot we spooked some big black drum. We hooked a ladyfish and a jack here also. We worked the shallow bars on the rising tide without a lot to show for it until I sat down to eat a sandwich and put a pinfish under a cork. I caught several reds on pinfish under a cork, and my girlfriend caught her first black drum and (other than sharks) her biggest fish to date.


That spot was pretty hot, a lot of people were sad when they showed up and I was fishing on it, it was pretty busy out there. Anyway we jumped in the water and cooled off and then made a run to an island further out and picked up another small red there. Could sworn it was somebody from the forum, it was a blue Xpress H20 with a girl in a bikini and a couple of dudes. We headed to Atsena as our last spot as the guides often do but it didn't produce, there was a ton of water at the top of the high tide. It was a fun day with plenty of action, can't say I've had one of those in a while, real slow lately.


  • HammerheadTedHammerheadTed Posts: 1,256 Officer
    Sounds like a good day for sure. Black Drum can be fun, especially the first one. I had too much I had to get done today, but was wishing I was out there. It was overcast most of the day in CR with light winds and I figured the sky was overcast last night negating the full moon feeding frenzy, so I thought fishing would be hot.
  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,538 Captain
    Go around over by the airport if you want some big black drum, like #30- #40 pounders. It is loaded over there...
    If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead
  • xmuskyguidexmuskyguide Beautiful HomosassaPosts: 1,730 Captain
    Fish are one thing. Consistently unpredictable. Glad you had a good day and caught some quality fish. :thumbsup
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,164 Moderator
    Nice. The drum eat a pinfish ?
    "You'll get your weather"
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,956 Captain
    The black drum wouldn't eat the pins. It was caught on an Aquadream gold spoon. Most of the better quality reds were caught on live pins but a few were caught on gold spoons. We caught the trout on topwater spooks and DOA shrimp.
  • roachbusterroachbuster Posts: 553 Officer
    Do you guys fish live bait under a popping cork or freeline them?
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,956 Captain
    I always keep a rod on board with a popping cork and a circle hook large enough for live bait. It's a versatile setup that's useful for everything from live and cut bait to soft plastics. Yesterday I was also carrying a light setup with a large split shot and a circle hook that I was also fishing pins on the bottom with but all the action came on the cork. I mostly like it because it's a lazy way to fish and doesn't require me watching it, the fish hooked themselves while I ate a sandwich. I don't fish with bait very much though. I netted the pins that I was going to freeline or bottom fish for tarpon or cobia but ended up flats fishing since the action was more consistent there.
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