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Mandarin Point

Got to the Doctors Lake ramp Friday at 5:30p to find white caps and the wind howling NE. The weather changed on me five times during the day so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I usually don't let the forecast stop me from at least trying. The plan was to catch shrimp and then pick my buddy up at the ramp around 7:00p and then fish. I hung at the ramp until it laid down which was about the time he got to the ramp. It rained lightly for most of the night but it was an epic night. We couldn't find shrimp but we had a back up. Ran over Mandarin Point with about a dozen shrimp that we picked up under the bridge while waiting out a heavy rain storm. Third dock was the one. My buddy pitches one under the dock at 9:00p, 25 in Red. We get that one in the boat and get lined back up and I hook up on a 26 in Red 9:10p. Ran out of shrimp so we cheated a little bit. Ran North where another buddy was throwing the net off of a baited dock and picked up about four dozen shrimp. We ran up to Epping Forest which wasted a lot of time and nothing to show so we decided to try out the dock that produced our first two. First cast, 11:40p my buddy hooks into a 24.5 in Red and I catch a stingray. 12:05a he catches another. 12:25a I get my second fish, 20 in. Red. After that we each had one spit the hook a minute into the battle. In the meantime He caught a lady fish. 12:40a I caught a 24 in. Red and at 12:50a another. After that I caught a croaker and my buddy hooked a rat at 1:00a. We ran out of shrimp and decided to call it with seven of eight slot fish.


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