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Crystal River man made island for sale on ebay



  • wvinfl12wvinfl12 Posts: 248 Deckhand
    I would not be shocked if the piling replacement would be north of 100K as one would need a barge with a crane to do the work, so that is why I was thinking it was cost prohibitive, and I don't think I would want anyone on it simply for liability purposes.

    And Rockets would be cool, but again, you have the environmental issue with polluting the gulf with the fragments.
  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 10,930 AG
    wvinfl12 wrote: »
    Well good Morning everyone............I thought I would update you on my little venture to this thing.

    First off, if there was ANYONE there fishing and I disrupted it, I am truly sorry. I did my very best to try not to get in anyone's way and keep the idling to a minimum, but as everyone knows, there are people that fish around this thing, and by the time I got into position to drop anchor, I really did not need to hear the cussing and other rudeness towards me, my wife and kids, especially my kids hearing this nonsense. That was probably the first time I realized at that point this was not going to be something I or anyone could do anything with because of that. Just poor manners. I am always, and I mean ALWAYS considerate of other people in life, whether its driving, waiting at the ramp or anything in general and just laugh at it, so I found this just absurd for people to act like they did. Unacceptable. That being said, if ANYONE was do anything with this thing, be prepared to be called every name in the book accessing your own property. I could see retribution from some of the classless people that are pissed off that you are out there making noise ruining their fishing by doing whatever in the form of vandalism or theft or cursing you like a dog. At this point I did not have a good vibe about it.
    Well, YOU DID out his super secret cobia/catfish spot....

    On the internet no less!
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • wvinfl12wvinfl12 Posts: 248 Deckhand
    ANUMBER1 wrote: »
    Well, YOU DID out his super secret cobia/catfish spot....

    On the internet no less!

    Yeah. Right. Like everyone doesn't know that people fish around that thing all the time, so I outed no ones spot...Actually, YOU OUTED the spot by revealing what may be there for the bite. I just said fishing.
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