Hey Ya'll.
Just want to say thanks to all that post reports here it helps a lot!! First we had a great time for our week in KCB, didn't light the world on fire but did bring about 30 meals home:cool:. Had to sign a form not to take rental boat out at night so bully netting was out, we bought lobster from a capt. on craigslist 8 bucks a tail met us at the entrance of KCB.
Monday; caught dolphin in the morning in about 600 ft on weed line nothing big but fish in the box
yellowtail in the evening nice flags 1/16 oz jigs ballyhoo chunks chum and oats
Tuesday; rain in morning, afternoon troll one keeper the rest babies 600 ft skirted ballyhoo
Wednesday; yellowtail limit 1/16 oz yellow jigs ballyhoo chunks chum and oats 50 to 70 ft ledge straight off KCB
Thursday; Key West:drink nough said:cool:
Friday; Ran out 25 + miles busted up weeds everywhere trolled for about 4 hrs notta had to clean and return boat in the pool by 1 pm

I have no pics because the camera did not get packed :banghead all in all we had a great time, counting down to next time just not looking forward to the 12 hr drive. Again thanks for the reports it gives us tourist a place to start, I hope this info helps.

what a great PLACE!!!



  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,027 Captain
    You guys had a real good time and that is what it is all about....I usually post a report whenever I am back at BPK land, awesome place and so glad we bought there years ago..enjoy!
  • RandoRando Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    Sweet! Im going to KCB for my first keys trip. OCT29- Nov 5th Cannot wait!!
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