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South of the Buckman 8/29: Bashin Reds

Went out for the third year in a row to fish the Bash and the weather was actually the best it's been. I also had one fish to weigh at least. Caught crabs the day before and dug some clams as well. Got finger mullet this morning and stopped by the 17 bridge to get some shrimp on my way out to the river. The shrimp are still smalls and mediums. Got bait pretty easy. First spot in the river produced some cats and a small red. Headed back to fish the 17 bridge but I missed the tidal push so that was a lost cause and I headed up into Doctors Lake. I hit one shell bed and caught a few more cats so I headed to another shell bed and that's where I found them. Threw crab and mullet out and before I could throw a shrimp out the two rods with crab and mullet got hit simultaneously. Oh boy. Ended up being two 20" redfish. They ended up being two of the 20 or so slot redfish I caught in about an hour and a half. Most were in the 20-22" range but I caught one around 24" to bring in to weigh in. Most hit shrimp or mullet with crab only accounting for one or two. Used fish finder rigs. The bite died a little after 1:00pm. Headed in at 2:00pm to drop the boat at the house and head out to the Bash. Great time all in all but I'm excited about it being moved to June next year.

I didn't get any pictures as I was a little busy most of the time but I hope this helps anyone trying to get some fishing in before the big rain storm changes things up for a bit.


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