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Yankeetown Reds and drum 8-28

Wanted to catch a big drum so we went to yankeetown only got 3 small ones they didn't seemed to be schooled up today. Got 10 reds, most were 17-18" with a 22" and a 26". Had a good time for our 2nd trip to yankeetown limiting on reds for the two of us. We were done around 1pm. Seems like an easy area to kayak since there's fish so close to the ramp. Caught two reds on crabs I caught at the boat ramp and everything else was on live shrimp 75% of our shrimp was tiny so bigger shrimp may have caught more fish. Or some blue crabs, watch about 20 slot reds caught from the boats around us as well so it's an awesome area. Sometime I need a change of scenery lol

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