Trailer upgrade

EarlEarl GreenhornPosts: 54 Greenhorn
Just purchased a 20' Wellcraft in good shape, on a trailer. Trailer needs some work. Boat is currently centred on a series of 6 keel rollers, with bunks. Problem is, the bunks are only about 2' long and only 4 of them. As I plan on trailering it from Canada to Florida (1200 miles) this concerns me.
Am I best replacing the 4 bunks with only 2, but 10-12' each, or stick with the 4 and add a couple feet to each one. I,ve rebuilt a few trailers in the past, but only for smaller lighter boats. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  • finbullyfinbully Officer Posts: 663 Officer
    The more you can support the hull the better IMO especially for a long tow as you describe.

    I am not a fan of roller bunks so if it were me, I'd take the opportunity to 86 them since you are planning a rebuild anyway.
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