Where to mount transducer?

jcampbell577jcampbell577 Posts: 184 Deckhand
Trying to figure out where to mount my transducer on the 16' Bayfisher. Not much space to choose from with the trailer bunk that sticks out, the pocket, and the trim tabs. I will be mounting on the right side but it was easier to get a picture from this angle in my garage.


  • Garza BlancaGarza Blanca Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    Right under the platform bracket. What unit do you have? I've got a similar problem, I just bought a nss7evo2 with structure scan and chirp. I mounted the structure scan on the transom but may have to go with a thru hull for the chirp.
  • jcampbell577jcampbell577 Posts: 184 Deckhand
    I've got the Echomap 54dv. Based on some suggestions I'm thinking about mounting it here:
  • Garza BlancaGarza Blanca Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    It looks like that pocket might create a lot of turbulence . I can't tell wether your bunk extends past your transom or not, it doesn't need to. Slide your winch post back so your transom is flush with the bunk and you should have enough clearance for the transducer. There is so much conflicting information on this. I've seen sites that say not to mount it on a lifting strake yet thats where I had my old Garmin mounted and it worked fine. I found a diagram on a Furuno sites that said it was good location yet so many other sites say not to. This site might help.http://www.sternmate.com/Where.html
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    you want to mount the xdcr in the cleanest water possible. This means avoid strakes and pockets. like it was mentioned above, right below the platform leg, on the flat spot(I know its at an angle) between the strakes.

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  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,174 Officer
    Starbord side is most common because of less prop wash
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