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The last time I went out in my 17' AS with a 1986 90 HP Johnson I noticed it ran a little warmer than normal and the impeller has not been replaced in 5 or so years so ok lets install a water pump kit. I purchase a OMC kit and get a friend to help (I'm old) so I battle past the shift linkage, off comes the gear case and while the old impeller is worn it really doesn't look that bad. After watching some videos on you tube and following my shop manual as best as I could it goes back together OK. Hook up the hose to the ear muffs fire it up and all looks well, water comes out the exhaust and the pee hole and everywhere its supposed to but I notice my water pressure gauge is reading lower than before when idling. Well I go for a test run and before I go 100 yards the hot horn comes on I say *%#[email protected]! and idle back to ramp, It cools down when idling. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? There was nothing covering the intake, It just has low pressure! Is it possible the little hose that connects to the top of the pump could have not lined up correctly? I guess its coming back off but I would like some thoughts on why this happened and get it right this time! Thanks in advance for any help. Mike
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    I think you already figured it out. I hope so.
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    OK so off it came this morning and sure enough I put the rubber grommet that goes in the top part of the water pump in UPSIDE DOWN. Well this is easy to do so when the pump slides onto the tube where the water goes through the engine it pushed it down near the impeller, not a good thing. In the OMC manual it says "install water tube grommet C with sharp edge facing downward". Well better wording would have been" square edge downward" Put it back together and fired it up and the water pressure is much better but can't go for a test ride just yet, have to stock up for Erika!
    When all else fails...jiggle that wire:\
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    I've gotten to where I take pictures before and during disassembly since I can't remember for $@it anymore.

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    finbully wrote: »
    I've gotten to where I take pictures before and during disassembly since I can't remember for $@it anymore.


    That's what I do.......glad you got it figured out....
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