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Rocky Creek Steinhatchee question

Is it possible to access the creek from the Gulf Side in a skiff ? I am looking to do a fall trip for Reds and have always wanted to fish in the Rocky Creek area.

You guys that have fished it before how difficult is it to get to around high tide? I am in a 19' Carolina Skiff... have always heard it is very rocky in that area and treacherous for lower units. Any advice would be appreciated...


  • Red612Red612 Posts: 284 Deckhand
    High Tide you should be fine. It is very rocky it is accessible by entering from the Gulf. It also is staked out a little bit where the deeper water is leading into the creek. As far as fishing for Red`s in the creek never done any good. I have done good in the other finger creeks around that area.

  • AMobleyAMobley Posts: 202 Deckhand
    get in and get out. also, lock your ****! a lot of little jits running around that area looking for something to jack to give to the pillman!
  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,981 Admiral
    I launch there a lot, maybe I'm lucky but never had an issue, the "ramp" sucks but many seem to get their boats in and out of there. I usually fish out of a kayak from there. As said above access from the gulf is easy and there are PVC poles to guide you into the creek. Lots of good fishing all around the area. I have caught trout reds and flounder in the creek but the outer areas are more productive. And yes, lots of rocks and with the water as dark as it is lately, use caution.

    Good luck.
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