Thursday 8/20 Cedar Key Last Trip of Summer Break

Took my oldest son over to CK Thursday morning to get some father/son time before school starts back up. Been a crazy summer with work and this crappy weather. Well the weather was awesome for us with no wind and a falling tide. Got the boat in just before light and were at the first spot at safe light. The water was dark but clean. I could clearly see my trolling motor but it was dark enough to make the fish "not spooky". Well with in 3 cast with the skitter walk, I get smashed and a school stands the water up. Josh throws in and we are doubled up. Mine came in at 29 inches and his was 26 1/2". Set the tone for the day. We hit about 5 or 6 spots and every spot had a school on it. Ended up landing around 15 reds with 3 over slots and a couple of upper slot fish. Pulled the hooks on several big fish and of course missed a bunch. We were done by 9 am headed back for breakfast. God smiled on us this morning.

Our double right off the bat.

It would of been a good tournament day.


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