8/23/15 Lower Keys Offshore - Dolphin

Dolphin fishing has been outstanding lately. Just an incredible number of larger fish out there. Haven't had to settle for a school of small fish in a while. There's always something a bit bigger if you keep your eyes out looking off the weedlines where the bigger dolphin are foraging away from structure. Went out today and caught as many dolphin as we wanted. Schools were found under birds in 450', 550', 850', and 2000'. It seemed like the wind last night blew apart a perfectly good weedline in 750' and made it reform deeper today. Still holding fish. Fly, jig, plug, chug, livies, chunks, trolling, they fell for it all. While the weather was rougher the last week, chasing down birds and pitching baits was the way to get the bites, that was how the larger fish were targeted today as well. Good luck, and don't be afraid to run and gun out there.


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