Ranger skiffs

ParkPark Posts: 9 Greenhorn
Anyone have any experience or opinions with Ranger skiffs? Build quality, rigging quality, accessories, fishability? Thanks.


  • SnookRanglerSnookRangler Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I love my 173 Ghost. Quality built boat!! Which one are you looking at?
  • ParkPark Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Thanks for your reply. I was looking at the 168 Ghosts
  • VeroDDVeroDD Posts: 317 Deckhand
    I've never owned one. But, I was with a guide last year in the keys that had a Ranger Bay Boat and I was very impressed with the quality.
  • linesider 159linesider 159 Posts: 828 Officer
    They are nice and hold value pretty well, but there are plenty of boats for cheaper and do things just as well. And don't porpoise as much.

    I like action craft in the 16 foot range
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  • tailchaser16tailchaser16 Posts: 653 Officer
    169 Ghost owner here.
    Only complaint is I want more speed. First spot is usually 25 miles away and it seems like forever to get there cruising at 34mph. There is some hull slap. It does everything for me from fishing, lobster diving, tubing and sand bar chillaxing with the family.

    Porpoise? That's what the tabs are for.

    IM me if you want more info.
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