Why So Many Mercs "De-caled"???

John HaggertyJohn Haggerty Posts: 220 Deckhand
I'm beginning to look for a used boat. Why do I see so many Mercs with their decals removed?



  • clamcclamc Posts: 119 Deckhand
    I think that engine being black and the use a decal that is not the best quality, they start to peel/fade. Once this happens I think a lot of people remove them. I picked up a used Merc and the decal was fading/peeling/missing in some areas, so I removed the entire thing. I think it looks better with no decal vs. a peeling/faded/missing decal.
  • BigredoneBigredone Posts: 57 Deckhand
    Agree with clamc.
    Now, if you have a good looking Merc then put an engine cover over the cowling when storing. It'll then last for years looking nice. Otherwise, they peel, de-lam, etc.
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