8/17- Scalloping and Snook Dogg

Most of my company is gone, including my son in law to a business trip, so that left my daughter and grandkids, Maddie and Fuzzy enjoy one more day of fun. We went to Sandy Hook yesterday so we decided to go Scalloping again on this beautiful day. After a late start, we motored out to the boat pack and found all the scallops I care to clean in a reasonable time. There are still plenty out there and they were big!
My daughter gave me a Tee Shirt the other day and everyone got a kick out of it especially me. If you have been to my house, you know I have a funny Basset Hound named Snoop Dogg and I am obsessed with catching Snook.
We have a "Big Fish" wall in the hallway of our house where I post pictures of people with their big fish that were caught on my boat. Sometimes they are not really "big fish", but that persons biggest fish to date. Megan, who doesn't fish much appears with a Sail Cat, something she is not real happy about. On the way back from scalloping, we went a little out of the way to try to change that and, wow did she! In a 38+" way. She had a great battle, except for me constantly telling her, like I do everyone, to keep the rod tip up and a good bend in the rod(#1 rule of catching Snook). I have been on such a roll on this extended weekend that I don't want it to end. A new picture of Megan is coming and I am still smiling and wearing my new shirt!


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