Mud Dauber Nest in Lower unit

toomertoomer Posts: 334 Deckhand
Oddest thing: A buddy of mine who stores his boat outdoors went to start his Yamaha 35hp 4 stroke the other day (with rabbit ears on). He noticed no water coming out pee hole. Long story short, mud daubers had built a nest in his intake area and the grit from the dirt chewed up his impeller.

They may not be in parts of Florida, but if you have them in your area you might want to cover intakes w/ duct tape. Just be sure to remove them.


  • Fish HaidFish Haid Posts: 8,253 Admiral
    I once had some kind of leaf-cutter bugs or wasps plug-up my bilge pump exit with a thick plug of green leaves.. Boat almost sank.

    NEVER leave an engine with the spark plugs out of the holes in your garage!

    It is common for rats and mice to nest inside car or tractor exhaust pipes too.
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