Hot bite in 160 ft

Started off the day early with a 430 am role call. Broke the jettys to light NE winds and pretty seas. Plan for the day was to load up on white baits and fish deep. Found all the bait we wanted at the barge and pointed her east. Arrived in 160 ft and didn't see much on bottom. We dropped lines anyways and found bite to be sluggish at first. Finally found the fish and managed to get on an incredible drift. Caught all our fish at spot in about 2 hours until a nasty storm rolled in. The bite from 9-11 am was magical. Caughts big scamps, muttons ( with a personal best 20 lb fish),triggers, bees, pinkys.

Had to leave with the storm approaching which sucked. Hit Elton on the way back in and found the bite to still be off from the thermocline. Only fish chewin at Elton were bees and ARS and painfully big AJs. Had boat back at the ramp by 330 with meat in the box! Fish are out deep!

Ended up with 6 scamps, 3 muttons, queen trigger, triggers, etc.








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