Mango madness III

Headed out of mayport to Elton bottom at 2:45 yesterday with a plan of staying until morning with visions of a nice limit of big Mangrove Snapper, a cobia or two and a limit of B-liners. Well we started out pretty good on the Mangos and had 8 big ones before dark. They lit up the screen pretty good as the sun went down and then the **** sharks found our chum line and we had to make a run to another spot. Picked up a few more there and fished until daylight landing several big ARS and a few more mangos with a few remoras and plenty of b liners all legal size but we only kept 15. Ended the long trip with 15 pretty dang good mangroves and the 15 liners. About a gallon and a half fillets per guy and a very tired ***. As I write this I have been up for 34 hours and am trying to make it to at least 8:00 pm to hit the hay. Looks like the bite is slowing but we have had 50 good ones on three trips with a few dolphin, cobia , triggers and b loners thrown in.


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