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Fly Fishing Gear For Sale - Tibor, TFO, Sage, Orvis

I'm hoping to find new homes for some of my underutilized gear. Everything is in really great shape. Feel free to PM me with any questions or for additional pictures. Open to reasonable offers.

1. Tibor Signature 11-12 (Tarpon engraving) loaded with backing and Rio Tarpon Short WF12F/I line. In excellent shape with neoprene pouch (no box). This was an impulse buy that I probably will not get the chance to use much in the future. Reel retails for $865 + $55 engraving + $80 line + backing so you are above $1,000 before tax. $700 shipped to your door.
Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/6Vwyg

2. I have a TFO Prism size 9/11 reel in really great shape loaded with 250yds of SA #20 backing. Solid reel for the money with a cork drag system. $75 shipped to your door.
Pictures http://imgur.com/a/LLnGr

1. TFO Lefty Kreh Pro Special 890-4 (9' 8wt 4 pc) w/ Orvis Helio rod tube. Rod is very lightly used on one trip (check out that cork) and the tube is essentially brand new and has never left my home. Asking $125
Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/FyyA8

2. Sage XP 1090-4 (9' 10wt 4 pc) in really great shape. I do not have the original tube but I store it in a Sage xi3 tube that I will include with it. Asking $350
Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/8rep8

Brand new orvis saltwater fly lines:
1. Orvis Wonderline WF7F Saltwater All Rounder (new) $25
2. Orvis Wonderline WF7F Redfish (new) $25
Line pictures: http://imgur.com/a/sy33q

Some other Misc new items (add $2 for shipping unless you are buying any of the above)
1. Superfly Strike Indicators (4) (new) $5

2. Tie-Fast Knot Tyer (new) $6

3. Rio VersiLeader - Sinking Tapered 10ft 1.5IPS 24lb (new) $10

4. Umpqua Salt Practice Leader 9ft 12lb (new) $5

Picture: http://imgur.com/ojKbxXo

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