Lobster dive

krashkrash Posts: 629 Officer
Was out for mini-season PE and Southwards (in a boat).

Saw several kayakers diving both days, wondering it it was any of you and how did you do ?

Launching at J. lloyd on Wednesday there was a jetskii and 2 kayaks rigged for a lobster div, the jetskii was strapped up to tow the kayaks, and at first I said this might not end well if they are headed out the cut, cause even on a calm day the inlet can be ugly, but they headed into Whiskey creek assume to drop the kayakers to hum them over to the ocean side and then jetskii out to meet them.. did not see them guys again that day.
Old Fugger who just likes to fish


  • krashkrash Posts: 629 Officer
    Update.. here is a shot of a couple divers in the water from the kayak navy doing it...

    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
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