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wade access near Melbourne Beach/Indian River

Hello all,

I (and two friends) will be staying a few days in Melbourne Beach (near Turtle Bay) towards the end of September and are kindly asking for any recommendations for wade access for topwater and ultralight plug action. I know we would be nearing the early part of the fall mullet run, and as such will most certainly be spending some time at the beaches, as well as the inlet, but also specifically looking for a backwater topwater bite in the calms (and seclusion) of the Indian river.

We practice C&R, and are extremely respectful of both the environment and the privacy of residents on the river.

For what it's worth, I would rather c&r a dozen dink topwater trout than to try and catch a gator trout or big red/snook/tarpon. For us, it is more about the experience of (all) catching fish than trophy hunting.

If anyone can suggest a grassy flat or two which may hold trout, would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks!
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