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Ponce Whole lotta Jacks

Ive been out of town for the last few weeks so this was my first day back on the water since June. Launched around sunrise and tried to hit the creeks heading south. Took no time at all to see the amount of Jacks throughout the river. My girl and I both hooked up on 2 good sized fish but we were looking for dinner. Headed down and anchored up at the inlet just as the tide was beginning to change with mullet and mud minnows. Managed to catch 4 mangos pretty quick but they were all 11-11.5". Hopefully they'll be keepers next time around. Picked up a spanish Mack before heading in to save for dip.
Has anyone else noticed the sand built up across the South side of the inlet about even with the Ponce lifeguard shack? I normally run right through there but saw 4' of water today around mid tide. I don't recall ever seeing less than 10' in the same spot before the dredge


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