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Jupiter 7/28 - Big Bites and Ship Shape

A guy made me an offer I couldnt refuse on my boat, and is coming this Saturday to pick it up. So it only felt right to fish the boat hard this week and get out as much as I could and use up some gas. Pulled a double header today with Josh from forum and went out with the intentions on catching the elusive striped fish known as wahoo. We got some really big bites, and thought we had one when we landed a nice fat kingfish. After a couple of whopper bonitos, we called the AM trip and refueled for later. On our way in. We noticed a newer Seavee 39 with a wrap on it and new Sea Hunt close by. Turns out it was Ship Shape TV and John Griviskis filming inside Jupiter intercoastal. The video boat got right up to my boat and was filming. Then back at the dock, in my picture if you look closely you can see John Griviskis in the background haha. Funny guy.


We roll out around 5:00 for round two, and a lot had changed. It was about 3-5 with on shore winds, white caps everywhere, much different than earlier in the morning. We battled the conditions thinking maybe it would turn on the wahoo bite. After a short strike and battling some funky currents that kept us stagnant and not covering much ground, we got a huge bite just before dark in 180'. All signs pointed to this being the fish we were after. Get the fish boat side and its 4-5 ft long barracuda. Huge Cuda. After that it was time to go in.

All in all, we caught some big fish and had some good bites, but didnt get the wahoo this time. I'm not sure if the Double Seas will be out one more time or not before its sold. Anyone that has a lead on a Contender 25 or Contender 27 let me know.
Double Seas


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