Penn Squall 50vsw line capacity indicators?

NoQuarterNoMercyNoQuarterNoMercy Posts: 63 Greenhorn
The Squall 50 2-speed has line capacity indicator lines etched into the spool. Does anyone know what each line represents distance wise per diameter of line? For example, each line represents 500 yards of 0.45mm line. I want to spool 100lb spectra backing then about 200-250yds of 80 mono topshot, but I don't want to over/underestimate the spectra backing.

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  • PENNPENN Posts: 373 Deckhand
    Squall 50 2 speed is rated at 50lb holds 890yds of 50lb Berkley Big Game.
    Line capacity rings are broken into 33.3% increments.
    Each line capacity ring marks basically 300yds of 50lb line.

    It holds 1835yds of 100lb each line capacity ring marks roughly 600yds of 100lb Spiderwire Stealth.

    You start combining spectra and topshots you're kind of on your own but I'll give you what I know......
    The Squall 50VSW will hold 1725yds of 100lb Spiderwire Stealth....and 50yds of 50lb big game top shot.

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