Advice Please.....Perception rambler 13.5 tandem kayak

Mako MikeMako Mike Posts: 79 Deckhand
Hey guys and girls, thinking about getting into kayaking for easier access to the local reefs and some fishing. I was looking at the Rambler because of cost and size, this is new to me so I wanted to keep cost down. As for size I have kids that would be going with me from time to time and when they are not with me I would like something large enough I could put a couple dive tanks on. I was hoping someone with experince could tell me if this is a good kayak, how well does it do if just one person is paddling? Any other advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike


  • quatinquatin Posts: 598 Officer
    I was looking at that kayak earlier this year for a dedicated dive kayak. IMO, the layout sucks, the rear tank well is too small and just wastes 2' of space. The front foot stopper wastes another 2' of storage space. In the end you only get 8' of actual storage space. I'm sure you can jam 2 tanks and dive gear into that, but it's going to be a mess.

    Paddling anything with a 550lb capacity solo is going to suck. It's possible with a center seat, but it's slow. I ended up with the OK Malibu 2 Tandem XL. Same specs, but better layout. I would recommend for you to look at the Malibu 2 Tandem. It's the smaller version and is about as wide of a kayak that I would want to paddle solo over a long distance.
  • Mako MikeMako Mike Posts: 79 Deckhand
    Thanks for the response.
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