7/27- Coming up just short again!

Went out early to do some topwater to try for Snook Spankers 40" club. Conditions were ideal with light breeze, overcast sky and low incoming tide, although there was more water than I would have preferred. Went to one of my favorite big Snook haunts and got after it with my favorite lure. Of course my trolling motor quit after a couple minutes. Problem was foot pedal(Big Foot) which is wired in series so I couldn't bypass it. Thought about it for a couple minutes and then got my ice pick out and pierced it through both wires, effectively bypassing it and used the handle old school like:cool. Now only problem was no fish....for the first hour. Then I get a 30" Snook. Then another small Snook hits my line and frays it up....new leader. By now I am fishing spots where I've never fished before. Paid off with this massive 39" Snook that was the toughest I've ever caught. 3 jumps and 3 long runs and somehow she didn't wrap herself up in the sargasm. Missed another big one a few casts later and left early with the grandkids visiting at home. It was a raggedy Snook, not a beauty like Pete's, but then my face makes up for it.:grin Still a little short. :banghead. A little tip: target sargasm in moving water this time of year.


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