PE dolphin 7/23 - 7/25

Cleared the inlet around 8 and Sabiki'd about 2-3 dozen pilchards in the morning. Ran out to about 13-15 miles and found two frigates working hard. Slow trolled live pilchards into them and got into a huge school. Caught 12 then ran out of bait with plenty of fish left in the school. Back in by 11:30

Cleared the inlet around 6:30 and cast netted about 8 dozen pilchards. Ran out to about 15-17 miles and frigates were everywhere over weeds. Too much boat traffic so we decided to keep running out and found a couple frigates working the water hard. Slow trolled pilchards and hooked up into a school. Caught about 5 then got back on the frigates and got 8 more nice sized schoolers. Back in by 12 with all nice size fish!

No fish on the troll all on live pilchards. Most of the fish right now are pretty far out in what we've seen. Both days just my brother and I going out and getting the job done.
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  • pk911pk911 Posts: 258 Deckhand
    been looking for decent size pilchards. were they near the shore or the bouy's
  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 611 Officer
    It says June 23rd and 25th pk.

    Now Bait is scarce all around. There's a handful by the pier.

    Forgot to say great fish! Wish I could go with my bro like the old days
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