Red grouper and Snapper

Our group hasn't been out in months so we made plans on going this past Sunday. The goal was to travel west and start in 120 to 130 to prospect for some nice size red grouper.

On our way out we stopped in 80 feet or so and started working on some grunts and spot tails for bait. We ended up with a few baits but also several nice Yellowtails and Lanes for the cooler.

Once we had our fill of that we headed back west and settle in 125 or so feet. We worked around but never really found anything much. After a few stops I did boat a nice 31 inch red grouper. We worked the area some more and picked up another red at 21 inches, a stout 28 inch Red, and a few shorts.

We worked our way back in stopping and trying different areas until we got settled in 80 feet. We started working on more yellowtails, Lanes, and a few Mangos. My buddy then picks off another Red at 22 inches. He then gets hammered on a light spinner by what turned out to be a nice Gag. I also lost what would have been a border line Gag at the boat. Other catches included Porgys, Sharks, and 3c78a5bcfff2f34d8bc86e32e8081758.jpge89e834e79c871c54bc93f3e92d109d0.jpgTrigger fish.

All in all a nice day although we did not kill the Grouper. We got to see a very large turtle and what looked like Bonita jumping at around the 100 foot depth. Also a lot of bait on the surface inside 70 feet. Bait used were Spot Tails, frozen threads, squid, and frozen shrimp. Sorry no more pictures we forgot to take some of the whole catch.

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