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Mosquito Lagoon- banner week 7/11 to 7/17 except me 7/18

Well let's say some well paid off advice/ spots from myself and brother paid off for my dad and his fishing buddy last week.

All fishing was completed between Tiger Shoals and Cucumber Island from sunrise to 12pm.

Sorry for the lack of pics again as my dad doesn't forward them to me.
7/11 (2 anglers)- 22 reds (16" to 28"), 14 trout (18" to 24"), and 5 ladyfish
7/14 (2 anglers)- 14 reds (16" to 28"), 12 trout (18" to 24"), 3 mangrove snapper, and 1 sheepshead
7/17 (2 anglers)- 16 reds (20" to 28" with 4 at 34") and 8 trout (18" to 28")

For me I decided to take my girls on Saturday. Although I decided to not hit the spots where I knew fish were as I didn't want to deal with my girls being noisy. My girls being my wife, 8 yr, and 2 yr old daughters. So I decided to hit the North Indian River and man was the water perfect. Numerous schools of 2" to 4" mullet cruising and large reds and trout occasionally busting them up. Unfortunately the constant banging of my 2 yr old on the Beavertail hull made sure no fish would be caught. I'm convinced I could have scored a couple nice sized reds. So for me we struck out with the exception of a small catfish.

On a sidebar I picked up some shrimp at one of the local bait shops and I have to admit they were the smallest I have ever seen. May need to hit up Publix or Lombardi's for bait in the future :)


  • AceDawgAceDawg Posts: 111 Officer
    I've been fishing Indian River and Banana River for a few months now but have yet to fish ML, sounds like the fishing is good, only reports I ever see are people complaining about something, whether it be the water, boats, or no fish. Thanks for the good report!
  • Grape ApeGrape Ape Posts: 41 Deckhand
    The water is much better on a couple spots towards the east side, but they are tucked back in areas not accessible unless you can get skinny. Fish seem to be holed up in these areas and around 11am they leave.

    My brother got a Mosquito Slam on Saturday on Tiger- Red, Black, and Trout. All keepers as he ran out of fresh fillets as his family doesn't eat red meat.
  • AceDawgAceDawg Posts: 111 Officer
    Skinny water is no problem for me I fish from kayak, it's nice to hide from all the ruckus, I'll have to muster up some motivation to get out there one of these days. the other lagoon systems haven't let me down yet, but sounds similar to mosquito right now, there's some really clear areas and others are zero visibility, but I seem to be catching more fish in the slightly murky water :huh guess they don't spook as easily
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