Epic Fish Bite - Reds, Snook and Jacks

rkotinskyrkotinsky Posts: 155 Officer
New moon tides and lots of rain dropped the water temperature to 82 degrees and turned on the bite to make for my best day of the year and my best day ever from a kayak. Worked my way across the flat and found a spot in the mangroves with good run off from the constant rains. Noticed bait being blown up by something in the flat and started working the topwater spook. After a few casts near the flying bait fish the lure gets hammered and after a nice fight I land a 26" red fish. I meticulously continue to work the area and watch for more flying bait fish, after a few minutes I spot more bait flying into the mangroves. I switch to a hard bait sardine style lure and work every angle until I find a pocket with maximum water flow. After a few casts my lure gets inhaled and I have a nice fish on. She goes airborne and a nice battle ensues with a good size snook. She heads for the mangroves and I stop her, she jumps again and again then goes under my yak. I slowly work her and she tires and I measure her out to 34". I stay in the area for the next few hours and land red fish after red fish and 3 more snook including one in the high 20's. My last fish pulls like a freight train and turns out to be a 28.5" super sized red fish. I leave the flat content thinking my day is over until I see the water boil in front of me. Hundreds of some sort of fish are absolutely pushing water like a herd of giant manatees. When they arrive at my yak I see the largest jacks I have ever seen in a school. I cast my sardine lure out and it gets hit hard and my drag rips like never before. I battle this fish for the next 20 minutes and it does not want to give up, it wraps my hobie pedals, it turns me in circles. I try to net it but net my own gear instead, finally it relents and measure my largest jack ever. Exhausted I madly pedal back to try to beat the storm and another school of super sized jacks intercepts me, this time I pass on the opportunity. The rain and winds start when I am a quarter mile from the launch site and I get soaked but it was well worth it.


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