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Fort Lauderdale Peas and snakeheads 7-11-15

Sorry for the late report, but we followed up this trip with a yellow fin tuna trip on the 13th so we have been busy! I took my son and one of his buddies down to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday to catch some snake heads and peacock bass. We caught 5 snakeheads about 2 dozen largemouth bass and a couple nice sized peacock bass. The snakeheads and the large mouth bass ate plastic frogs on the surface and the peas ate live bait free lined on circle hooks. The snakeheads were mostly on the large size and it seemed like they are pairing up getting ready to spawn. Seemed like the peas are finishing up their spawn and are heading back out to deeper waters. Anyone interested in seeing the pics can check out my report in the SE section that I posted today. Pics should be posted around noon time. Thanks and tight lines!
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